Sharing Food is Sharing Love

What is PlatterDay?

The essence of a platter is simply the idea of sharing food. PlatterDay is a day when we share food.

Why do we celebrate PlatterDay?

Sharing food and bonding with people over food is a great way to get to know people, make new friends, and spread more joy in the world overall. It is a powerful and tangible way to improve people's emotional and social well being. Sharing of food is the very essence of celebration of life and culture.

What is the spirit of PlatterDay?

Sharing Food is Sharing Love!

How do we celebrate PlatterDay?

Any way you can share food goes! Have a potluck! Go out to eat with, or just get it delivered while you host - your friends, your neighbors, your service staff, your essential workers, anyone and everyone.

How do I participate?

Submit your name, your contact info, your location, and your preferences. We match you up in groups of four for a potluck, or delivery to a host, or a group dine-out.

Why in groups of four?

We've done the math! Well, not really, but four can seat easily on a table. And it's a small enough number of people to get to know intimately over a meal.

Why should I celebrate PlatterDay?

Get to make new friends over food, or simply to enjoy food! Either way, you get to spread joy with food.

When is PlatterDay?

Every first Saturday of the month is PlatterDay! The next PlatterDay is 4th March 2023. Mark your calendars! Sign up to participate today.

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